What is veneer garden walling?

When you hear veneer, you don’t automatically think of veneer garden walling. You may think of traditional wood veneer – thin layers of wood used to decorate furniture and objects. You may even think of teeth, and the Hollywood smile you can get with teeth veneers. The one thing you may not have heard of is garden wall veneer.

Garden wall veneers are a way of transforming your garden wall without replacing it. If your garden wall is sound and there is really no justification for removing it other than it doesn’t look great, then veneers are a fantastic way to improve it’s appearance.

What types of veneer garden walling are available?

Brick veneer

It may seem strange to clad a brick wall with brick veneer – why go from brick to brick? With the range of brick veneers out there you’ll be able to go from boring grey to warm stone brick and transform a space. You will need to be handy at tiling to do it yourself, or hire a trades-person if you’re not feeling confident.

Stone veneer

Stone veneer, much like brick veneer requires a certain level of skill to apply. It can also be quite messy as you have to deal with adhesives and potentially grouting. The end result however will make any drab garden wall look a million times better.

Brick effect veneer garden walling

A relative newcomer to the world of veneer garden walling is plastic panel walling. Unlike their tile counterparts, plastic garden cladding comes in the form of interlocking panels. These panels screw onto the existing wall, and interlock with each other for a seamless finish. No messy grout involved, and even the most novice DIYer can get this job done without expensive trades-people.

Stone effect plastic panels

Plastic garden wall cladding is also available in stone effects. Whether you want rustic cream, or contemporary grey, both styles are just as easy to install as the brick effect panelling already discussed. You will not need to be a skilled DIYer to install these panels yourself, making them great if you’re on a budget. You’ll also have minimal mess as there will be no adhesive to work with.

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