What types of garden rubber mats are there?

Garden rubber mats have a wide range of applications. It might be that a paved area becomes slippery in winter. Your driveway may need extra grip on snowy days. You may need safety flooring for beneath a children’s play area. You may want to reinforce your grass when it gets boggy. Whatever your needs, there’s a garden rubber mat to fulfil the remit.

Garden rubber mats available form AllMats

SafaGrass mats

SafaGrass mats are heavy duty rubber mats made up of a series of rings. They are designed to sit on the ground and take the weight of footfall, while allowing the grass to thrive. Free from being trampled, the grass is able to grow through the rings and can even be mowed without the need to lift the mats. They’re ideal for use around children’s play areas, turfed parking areas, or paths along grassed zones.

Interlocking garden rubber mats

Our interlocking cow mat is fantastic for a semi-permanent, non slip safety surfaces. The mats connect like a jigsaw and can be taken up easily if needed. You can connect as many mats as you need to cover large spaces, and cut them with a builders knife if you need to fit them in corners. They’re best laid on a flat, solid base, such as concrete or an existing patio, and will provide a safe surface that blends into a garden.

Scraper mats

Scraper mats a great for thresholds. Have just one as your door mat, or lay a path to your door. The raised lines provide a non slip surface that is ideal for scraping mud off shoes before crossing the threshold. To keep them clean, just hose the mats down occasionally.

The bubble mat

This mat has a number of features – it’s non slip, as are all our rubber mats, and it will also help scrape mud of shoes, but the bubbles also help provide an anti-fatigue surface for your feet. It you will be spending a lot of time out doors, feet can begin to ache standing on a hard surface. This mat will help keep those aches at bay a little longer.

Rubber ring mats

These mats are similar to our SafaGrass mats, however they have solid tapered edges. The rubber ring mat provides a non slip surface that is free draining. Debris that falls from shoes will fall into the gaps, thus keeping the clear for longer. The rubber ring mat is easily movable to hose down the ground beneath.

The wave mat

Wave mats are similar to the scraper mat, however their channels are waves of raised rubber. They provide exceptional grip and have fantastic scraper properties. The durable rubber can cope with heavy footfall, and is easy to keep clean – just hose it down and give it a scrub with a sweeping brush if needed.

Safety garden rubber mats

Play safe flooring might not seem like a matting system, but it works in a similar way to our interlocking cow mat. Rubberlok tiles interlock with a peg system to provide a shock absorbent, fully draining surface that is safe and does not detract form the look of a space. When it comes to garden rubber mats, if you opt for a play-safe area, it will be long lasting and low maintenance.

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