Is synthetic decking good?

We often get asked is synthetic decking good? As you might expect, we always say yes – and we really do mean it. We know that traditional timber decking has many advantages, however many of the disadvantages are solved with our alternative decking. We have looked at all the features of synthetic decking to help you get clued up.

Oh, and in case you were curious; composite, plastic, synthetic… they’re all the different names for the same thing.

Why pick synthetic decking over traditional timber decking?

There is no one reason as to why you might want to pick synthetic decking over traditional timber decking. We’re going to look into a number of the pros and cons so you can make an informed choice as to which to use in your garden.

A variety of options

There are a whole host of options available when you opt for synthetic decking. Joists to create a base frame, fascia planks for coordinated upstands, corners for neat edges. All these elements allow you to create a custom, professional installation with ease.

A customised deck

The variety of options means you really can design your deck to be exactly how you want it. This example of a curved deck would difficult to achieve with non-flexible timber decking. Synthetic decking on the other hand offers flexible fascia planks that can be curved to edge decked areas beautifully.

Hidden fixings

Timber decking installations will result in fixings that are visible – you screw right through each decking board. Synthetic decking on the other hand allows for hidden fixings. Each decking board has a grooved edge, into which slots grip clicks. These grip clips are screwed to the base frame and result in fixings being disguised between each deck board, rather than on the top and visible at all times.

Design and shades

Decking boards are often double sided, so you can alternate the design or opt for all the same, without having to buy different boards. The boards also come in a variety of designs; sanded, grooved, grained. But probably best of all, whether you want brown or the extremely popular grey shades, you will never need to sand / paint / varnish, where as traditional timber decking will require regular maintenance to keep it looking good.

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