What are the best safety mats for gardens?

Why do you need safety mats for gardens?

You might not immediately think about safety mats for gardens, but it can be an important consideration. Safety mats and flooring tiles offer an impact absorbing surface which makes them perfect for gardens where children and older people spend time. Installing safety flooring gives you the peace of mind that your child can play without the worry of trips or falls. Older people will be reassured that if falls do happen while they are in their garden, they will be cushioned by their safety flooring. If you are a unsure which is the best safety flooring for you, we cover each one below.

Safety mats for laying on grass

Safagrass mats not only help absorb the impact of falls, they also save your grass from heavy footfall. These mats are perfect for installing under children’s play equipment; if your child falls, you will have the reassurance that the shock absorbing rubber of the Safagrass mat will cushion that fall better than just turf. You can also have peace of mind that your grass will not suffer under the constant trampling of kids at play. Plus, in case you were wondering – you won’t need to take them up each time you want to mow, you can mow straight over the Safagrass mats as the grass grows.

Safety tiling for large spaces

For large spaces, such as existing patios, a good option for safety flooring are our play-safe Rubberlok tiles. These tiles come in a variety of thicknesses depending on your need, and the thicker tiles have interlocking pegs to secure them in place. Whilst we do offer bright red and green tiles, for adult areas (like older peoples gardens) you can opt for grey or black safety tiles to keep the feel of a stylish garden, whilst maximising safety. It’s also worth pointing out that these tiles involve no permanent fixings, so whilst they fit securely into place they are removable should you wish to take them up in future.

Removable safety mats

Our final type of safety mats for gardens is the interlocking cow mat. This matting system is the classic system you might see in gym areas, but there is no reason it cannot be used in play or seating areas. Each durable rubber tile interlocks a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, with uniform notches that connect on all sides. The interlocking cow mat system is great if you want safety flooring that is removable if needed. You might, for example, want to lay it through summer and take it up and stack it in the shed for winter. With this flooring system, you have that option.

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