What is the best floor for your gym?

What is the best floor for your gym?

Ensuring you have the right floor for your gym is essential to keep those fitness fanatics and your choice of flooring in tip-top shape. Whether it is indoor, outdoor, or a bit of both, we have a floor solution for every gym setting.

What ranges do we offer?

Rubberlok Safety Tiles

Rubberlok Safety Tiles is some of the best gym flooring you can get. This incredible tile, made out of 100% recycled material delivers long lasting impact protection due to its shock absorbing material. Rubberlok Safety Tiles are perfect for outdoor or indoor gym areas. These non-slip tiles are available in a variety of sizes, to accommodate a fall size of up to 3m. Whether you want to jump, run, bounce or bear crawl, Rubberlok Safety Tiles offer the perfect foundation for any gym. Better, faster, and cheaper than any poured flooring these tiles will have your gym members (safely) jumping for joy.

Rubberlok Utility Mat

The Rubberlok Utility Mat is the perfect fit for under heavy gym equipment and weights. Protect your floors from scuffs and scrapes, using these heavy-duty utility mats. Not only will these mats protect your floors, they also offer a non-slip material, making sure your gym members safety is at the forefront. You can easily cut them to shape to fit around any machine, bar, obstacle or area.

Interlocking Mats

For a lighter form of floor protection, our interlocking rubber mats are perfect. Our interlocking mats are super quick and easy to fit and can be used as an entire gym floor. These mats will keep your gym members steady on their feet as they boast brilliant anti-slip materials.

SafetyGrass Rubber Matting

SafetyGrass rubber matting is ideal for grassed sites requiring extra protection from heavy traffic and erosion. If your outdoor gym area is on a lawn, these mats are your best friend. SafetyGrass allows grass to grow through the 25mm holes, while protecting the ground under it. SafetyGrass rubber matting is durable, slip resistant and impact absorbing – it most certainly meets all your outdoor gym needs.

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